Celestine Star, Executive Producer, Studio Chief

Celestine Star has been a business owner in Northern California Media and Events Producer for over 20 years. She is an accomplished Events Producer, Filmmaker, Director of Photography, Videographer, Post Production Editor and Graphics Designer, dedicated to the Education and Evolution of Humanity through Artistic endeavors. Star began her career in Events in 1982 while working as adminsitrator for The San Francisco Arts Festival, Frank Pietronigro, Director. She later used her ablities for event planning, on a grand and small scale to employ over 25 community members for 12 years as a means her of helping those in need of income to create a stable finacial life for themselves while working with Ms Star on her monthly Enter Dimensional Light Services Events. In the early 90's Star turned her attention to incorporating video and film-making with her events programs. She began to study videography and film making and by 2000 she changed her company to Golden Star Productions, Marin, CA. Star worked with Luc Sala, Klurenet Television, Amsterdam learning the fine art of creating top-ratings television segments.

She has produced major feature length films including:

911 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands
Boiling Point: The Global Climate Crisis
Boiling Point: Conversations on Global Warming
The Lighthouse Singers of Marin: 25th Anniversary Concert, 2006

Many of Star’s special video/events projects are designed to produce marketable DVD’s. She is currently working on a project with the National Space Society called the "The Illuminary Project", a compulation of interviews with promient Space Entrapuners and Space Community Members. "The Luminary Project" will be expanded in the future to include Luminaries from many areas of life, such as
Pulizer Prize and Nobel Prize Winners, Enviornmental Movement, Music, Art and Science. Star sees the need to record and archive important figures of our times
so that future generations will be able to understand more and be inspired by those who paved the way for our future.

Her client list includes:
Alliance Residencial Group       Anon Salon Productions            
Antonio Sausa                             Anousheh Ansari
Burning Man                               Buzz Aldrin
Essence Day Spa                         Ed Asner
General Orbital Corporation      Harmony Festival                      
National Space Society                NASA AMES                             
Planetary Society                       
Paul Eckhart, Boeing               
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.               Ross Gelbspan, Boston Globe           
Yuri’s Night                                 Zero G Corporation
Zero Gravity Arts Consortium   ZorkMagazine

Star's work is well known in both the private and commercial sectors as well as in the international community. Along with her daughter LaSandra and grandson Jahan Star's memoriable accomplishments is the filming of a infomercial with Ed Asner. She looks forward to completing her current film, "Awakened Hope for Humanity", in the coming months, which includes
filming in zero gravity
on board Zero G Corporation's Zero Gravity Flight
and continuing her work as a Visual Artist create mind inspiring montage
visuals for musical and artistic productions.
(since 1996).

Celestine Star is dedicated to creating and producing memorable events and media for today’s world. Educated in London, England and Northern California, with Degrees in Business, Arts and Science, Multi Media and Transpersonal Psychology.

P.O. Box 6066
San Rafael, CA 94903
Tel: (415) 717-0762
Fax: (415) 453-8451

E-mail: Celestine@earthgrid.com
Website: www.GoldenStarProductions.com


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